This Method Can Clear Arteries and Lower High Blood Pressure

This Method Can Clear Arteries and Lower High Blood Pressure

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The arteries are the responsibilities that the blood can circulate with ease by our organism, transporting oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our body, reason why it is of paramount importance that those ways are maintained in optimal conditions so that the blood can be distributed.

When the arteries present some type of obstruction causes resistance to the passage of blood, causing hypertension. Hypertension is the main factor that predisposes us to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, with ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular accidents being the main causes of death in the world according to the WHO (World Health Organization). Having clogged arteries can cause, for example, a heart attack. That is why it is so important to keep them “clean” and “uncovered” for a better quality of life.

The food we eat on a daily basis can be detrimental to our health and go plugging the walls of the arteries until it completely obstructs the passage of blood to the heart and from this organ to others. Know the following article some of the natural remedies and foods to clean arteries.


If the arteries for a certain reason become clogged or damaged, immediately the body emits signs that something is wrong. Therefore, it is essential that our arteries remain clean, free of toxins, clots, and bacteria.

Garlic and ginger prevent and treat a wide variety of pathologies, including high blood pressure, a serious condition that is also popularly known as “the silent killer.”

Ginger and garlic are two very powerful natural hypotension, which results in strong effects to reduce pressure levels, so it must be taken into account that they may interact with medications related to circulatory or cardiovascular disorders, which is why should be checked by a professional.

Garlic is known for its antibiotic, antifungal, and antiseptic properties, often used as a dietary supplement to lower cholesterol, properties that numerous studies support highlighting its potential anticancer effects, because of its richness in sulfur compounds, according to the American State University of Iowa.

Ginger increases the absorption of calcium by the heart, a situation that has high blood pressure lowering effects, but it should be noted that only fresh ginger produces this beneficial effect on health. The active components of ginger can vary widely from plant to plant, so their beneficial effects cannot be predicted with complete safety.



-8 cloves of garlic

-8 lemons

-2 inches ginger (5 cm)

-4 liters of water


-Lave the lemons properly and cut into pieces.

-Add the peeled garlic and the lemons previously cut in the blender. Mix until a homogenous drink is obtained.

-Add the mixture in a pot, next to the water, the ginger and take it to the fire.

-App the fire when the mixture starts to boil.

“Let it cool and then proceed to strain it.”

-Take this remedy 2 times per day, preferably 2 hours before each meal.


Please combine the treatment with physical exercise (At least 3 times a week), and we assure you that in just a few weeks, you will enjoy a better health condition, hence a better lifestyle.


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