Do You Know How Many Mites Sleep in Your Bed? Learn How To Eliminate Them Permanently

Do You Know How Many Mites Sleep in Your Bed? Learn How To Eliminate Them Permanently

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We are so busy with things to do in our day that we forget others that should be very relevant because unknowingly affect many things of our health day by day, they are silently there.

After a day tired of work and things to do the least we think is what is hidden behind our sheets. What’s on our mattresses and why we should pay attention to that information.

The truth is that we should stop for a moment and think about that because in our bed can live millions and millions of mites that are somehow affecting our lives through allergies and other symptoms.

So if you are from that group of people who are completely unaware of the consequences that mites can bring, it is best to continue reading this information and to wear a little bit of these insects.

Find out about mites

Surely you do not know that in a gram of dust there can be up to 2000 mites. And its population increases even more when certain seasons arrive, such as winter and autumn. Making our allergies increase even more for these dates.

Changing mattresses will not make any difference because what really helps is to maintain a hygiene of all mattresses and pillows that may be in our room.

So you know what symptoms these insects have, we will give you this list:

-Transparent nasal drip
-Repeated sneezing
-Nasal obstruction
-Itchy nose or palate
-Loss of smell
-Allergic conjunctivitis
-Sleep disorders (sleep difficulties, snoring)
-Irritability and mood swings
-Disorders of concentration in the school and professional environment
-Sneezing, skin irritations, paleness, eczema

If you are presenting these symptoms and you do not know why they were, then there you have the answer. If you want to eliminate mites from your mattress and your life we recommend you use bicarbonate.

Here we explain how:

To clean carpets, carpets and your mattress you will have to spray baking soda with water and brush carefully so that the fabrics penetrate well.

Let it sit for 10 minutes and then start to breathe. Once finished put protective sheets and then your normal sheets. It will be that simple to eliminate them. Repeat this process every month.

For clothes, it will be even easier because when washing them they will apply a spoonful of baking soda in warm water after it is well diluted add it to the washing machine with the clothes and the mites will disappear.

Now that you know how to eliminate them it is important that you know how not to provoke them in your house.

Following these recommendations you can leave the mites behind in your life and get rid of those annoying allergies that cause so much:

The four-poster beds and the beds around the mattress that touch the floor.

The superimposed beds, because the one who sleeps down breathes the dust from above.

Use the bottom of the bed to store things.

Domestic animals or feathers inside the rooms.

All kinds of objects susceptible to accumulate dust: tapestries on the walls, heavy curtains, stuffed animals and all kinds of non-washable cloth.

Upholstered armchairs. Smooth materials such as leather or vinyl are preferable.

The humidifiers that stimulate the development of mites and mold.

Remember to wash the sheets frequently and try to clean more often so as not to allow the reproduction of dust. Eliminating mites is easy, you just have to try and try these recommendations. Share this article! and help others eliminate mites.


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