Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Breaking Up With Your Relationship

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Breaking Up With Your Relationship

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How to end a relationship is a fundamental question that many are asked, usually to know if it is something that has left each other or if it is influenced by external opinions, ending a relationship is a very difficult decision to take but in turn, very important , so it is imperative that you take the situation as an opportunity to ask you various questions.

What gives you success in how to end a relationship are the questions prior to the fact that you make yourself, questions that help you open your eyes and reflect on whether you are making the right decision or not, in the same way, you would be helping to learn from that relationship, if you finish, you can know if it is possible to establish healthier links to the future.

Questions to ask yourself before taking into account how to end a relationship

1. Were you looking for the ideal partner “model” in the other person?

This question is very important since most have expectations and can usually play a bad game, there are times when the other person is not considered as a human being but as a prototype, which certainly does not come out well.

In the end, expectations are just that, so over time, you will be frustrated, generating disappointments and blaming the other person for certain situations or things. It is absolutely necessary that you take into account if this is the problem or reason that is leading you to want to break your relationship, in case the answer is positive, you must eliminate that blindfold of your eyes that is making you fall in love with an idea and not the real human being next door.

2. Is my relationship toxic?

If you break a relationship by a decision made by a discomfort that arose and instead of diminishing increased, it is important that you reflect how toxic the relationship was, so taking distance and time is the most recommended in these cases. Feelings and emotions of pain usually do not give you mental clarity. At times like this it is a little hard to recognize if you went through signs of abuse, manipulation, lies or abuse that caused you harm.

If you are in a relationship with a toxic partner, it is imperative that you leave it as soon as possible to avoid being poisoned, damaged and suffering or worse even if both are hurting rather than fully enjoy love, in this case no longer should questioning how to end a relationship.

If you know how to recognize a person with bad intentions or bad vibes, click here so that you learn to know them and especially why you must keep them away from your life.

3. Is the situation in which I find myself calm or stress predominant?

This questioning is trivial but periods of overwork and stress often make us less flexible and less tolerant, leading to hasty and incorrect decisions, so when you are in this phase, you are likely to take anything to the limit and even lose the perspective of everything that is happening around you.

So, take into account in what situation and the moment you are, with or without stress, so that you can correctly identify if it is under those moments that you end up with the relationship or not.

4. Are others affecting my relationship?

It seems to lie the importance that other people have in relationships, it is usually higher than you think and it is of great importance that you ask this question to know what decision to take. Sometimes the refusal of a parent who does not accept the relationship of their child, for example, can generate conflicts and discord in the couple , by not allowing them to live their relationship in a healthy way.

Normally when parents are seen between partner relationships by rejection, couples feel hurt and hurt, the worst of the case is that they unconsciously will project on the couple, causing all the dislikes to fall and be paid with her, this case in Particularly important is when the questioning of how to end a relationship arises.

5. Do I trust my decision or do I have doubts?

Most people tend to pay too much attention to what other people think about aspects of life and what should be done or judged, for example, if a friend tells you that the relationship you have does not it is convenient, that you do not like your partner at all or that you are lost by the person, are some of the opinions that tend to have weight to the decisions of some people. This type of situations affects the moment of taking a decision or not , since you will be acting based on what others tell you, that is why it is extremely important that you always know what you want and away from any opinion and look within you the answer that best suits you.

Before breaking with a relationship, ask yourself these 5 questions, with them you will discover for yourself things you did not know, you will learn from the experience in case you decide to finish it and above all, you will always trust that the most relevant decision in your life, is yours, if it’s really the right thing to do.


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