Put This In The Corners Of Your House and The Mice Will Disappear!

Put This In The Corners Of Your House and The Mice Will Disappear!

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Our house is the favorite place to be, you endeavor to decorate it to your liking, you keep it clean and tidy, you want everything to work as it should, until an annoying plague arrives and you have to move heaven and earth to eradicate it. Pests are something that all homes are exposed to, no matter how clean they are, it can always happen.

The truth is that the peace and harmony that our home gives us can be seriously affected by an unwanted plague. You can get to despair because in addition to bringing germs and diseases, they are very difficult to eradicate completely and there is always the question of whether an animal can be left inside your stuff.

All pests are bad, but the worst is that of rats and mice, they reproduce very quickly and it is very complicated to eliminate it. These rodents can bring dangerous diseases to your home, which is why it is best to eradicate them at the root and eliminate them forever. That is why today we bring you an infallible remedy to eliminate this annoying plague of your home very easily.

Eliminate rats and mice from your homeIngredients:

-1/2 tablespoon of white flour

-1/2 tablespoon of salt

-1/2 tablespoon of white plaster


First you have to mix the flour with the plaster, then add the salt and mix well, you pass it to a container and leave it in a place in the house where the mice are usually at night.

This remedy is so effective since the mice will stop eating the mixture and the salt will make them thirsty so they will go in search of water, when they take it, it will mix with the plaster and will harden in their body.

We assure you that this will eliminate forever this terrible plague of your home and the best thing is that you will achieve it with ingredients that are very easy to obtain. It is important that you act in time since the waste of mice can be very harmful to humans. It is important that after practicing this remedy you clean the house, carpets and toys of your children very well.


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