Are You Tired of Varicose Veins? Look Here What You Should Do

Are You Tired of Varicose Veins? Look Here What You Should Do

Varicose veins are dilated small veins, due to circulatory problems that often cause discomfort such as heaviness, tingling and tiredness, besides being unsightly and although they are usually more common in women can also appear in men, we will show you how you can cure varicose veins and get rid of they definitely.

There are many treatments that promise to eliminate them, but they are usually very complicated and the treatments are milder, they usually ease the discomfort momentarily and at the time they reappear.

Curing varicose veins is possible with green and red tomatoes

Varicose veins are usually annoying and painful, know how to treat them naturally with green and red tomatoes, you will be able to cure varicose veins definitively.

The delicacy of having this disease and not curing the varices in time can be very dangerous, since the obstruction of a vein, with a blood clot can cause a flesbitis, which is the total obstruction of a vein and even a pulmonary embolism if the coagulum would come to detach and reach the lungs.

Then we will mention a natural treatment based on green and red tomatoes, which will be very economical and effective.

Tomato has many beneficial properties for our organism, its power to cure varicose veins is mainly due to the acid contained in its seeds that acts as an aspirin in our body, diluting the blood and behaving like an anticoagulant.

You can do the treatment with either red or green tomatoes, then we will explain how to do the treatment with both options:

Green tomatoes:

This is the green type tomatoes, which although ripe their color is green, wash it and cut it into slices of a half centimeter thick and place in the varicose veins leave them for a while and if you want to put a bandage to hold in the site where the veins are found.

After a while you will begin to notice that you feel a tingling in the legs, and they will start to burn, in that moment you must remove the tomato slices from the veins and wash with cold water, this treatment you must do it at least five times a day.

Apply daily and begin to see the results, after a couple of weeks, the swelling will begin to subside and the discomfort will disappear.

Red tomatoes:

The treatment with red tomatoes is done just like the previous treatment, placing slices in the veins and blindfolding, only this treatment must be performed at night and the tomatoes must be left to act and change every 4 hours until you wake up and start your day . This treatment should be performed every night.

Tips for curing varicose veins

-Any treatment to improve varicose veins should be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet with foods that contain properties that help you improve your circulation.

-Consume omega 3 and 6 these oils help maintain flexibility in the veins, prevent heart disease and improve inflammatory pictures, as well, helps maintain a good blood pressure and decreases the risk of clot formation.

-It increases the consumption of selenium, because it is a mineral that contains a lot of antioxidants, it maintains the flexibility in the cardiovascular tissues and it avoids the hardening of the tissues of the whole body.

-It consumes foods rich in vitamin E, this promotes the health of the circulatory system and can improve the oxygenation in the blood and helps to dilute the blood avoiding the risks of coagulation.


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