Studies Claim That Intelligence Is Inherited From The Mother and Not From The Father. What You Think?

Studies Claim That Intelligence Is Inherited From The Mother and Not From The Father. What You Think?

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At present, intelligence does not have a single definition, nor is there a specific measure to determine what it is or to what it really covers.

Biologically speaking, we recognize intelligence as the development of cognitive abilities that allow us to reason, memorize, remember and communicate.

Current technology has been helping us in the collection of increasingly accurate information regarding the human genome.

In this way, experts have evaluated how the genes of each of the parents work. Genes of intelligence or cognitive abilities have had noticeable attention.

It happens that they have come to very surprising answers and in short, indisputable. Experts have shown that intelligence genes come directly from the genes given by mothers, so if you’re brilliant that should be thanks to your mom. Here we will explain better what is due.

According to specialists, your intelligence has been inherited from your mother.

It happens that we all have what is known as conditioned genes, they are genes that act on the basis of initial dispositions and some are activated only by the mother.

There are also genes that are activated only by the genetics of the father but represent other things.

The genes of the intelligence are in the X chromosome, so they are especially linked to the mother.

Studies that attempt to demonstrate this has been done for more than 3 decades and it has been until the last few years that conclusive evidence has been obtained.

The father on his part also participates in the genetic development, and it is both parents need to participate in the mental development; while mothers transmit all cognitive functions, language, memory, and intelligence. The father by his side transmits all the instincts of survival, emotions, and desire.

For his part, the director of the cognitive genome laboratory in Beijing, Dr. Zhao Bowen says that despite the genetic factors that influence intelligence, there are some factors that we can control and use in our favor to reinforce it.

There is no more intelligent gender, although intelligence comes from the mother, it is up to each person to take advantage of their abilities.

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