7 Combinations of Alkaline Foods That You Can Drink 7 Days a Week

7 Combinations of Alkaline Foods That You Can Drink 7 Days a Week

Did you know that the pathogens that give rise to diseases can not develop in alkaline environments? This is why if you manage to create an alkaline environment within your organism, you will also be able to ward off all diseases from it. The benefits of alkaline foods for our health are totally real. In fact, there are several studies that ensure that cancer cells can not develop in alkaline environments, so a diet of these characteristics, completely eliminate the possibility of the development of this disease, in addition to all others. Look below, how to carry out your own diet of alkaline foods.

Alkaline food diet: keeps all diseases away from your organism

If you want to enjoy a completely healthy life and a good internal balance, the best thing you can do is start to make this fabulous diet of alkaline foods, which will remove all kinds of evil from your organism.

Most of the foods that we usually consume in our day to day are characterized by their alkalizing effect: sugars, trans fats, sweeteners, preservatives, processed products and more. Now, for its part, alkaline foods are characterized by containing a series of vitamins and nutrients, which regulate the pH of the organism, thus preventing inflammation and increasing calories.

Optimizing the pH of your organism will ensure that you stay away from any type of disease.

Now, it is necessary to keep in mind that you do not need to do without acidifying foods when you start to make this fabulous diet of alkaline foods. We will tell you how to combine both foods so that you benefit as much as possible from the mixture.

The idea is to consume 30% of acidifying foods daily and 70% of alkaline foods.

Here we show you this fabulous diet of alkaline foods, which you can perform in just 7 days.

7 combinations of alkaline foods for 7 days

DAY 1: Avocado and pomegranate

Start your first day of the alkaline diet, with a breakfast that combines avocados and pomegranates.

The benefits of the pomegranate for health are really amazing. Among them, we can highlight its antioxidant power and its properties that contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

For its part, it is avocado is one of the most powerful alkaline foods, able to combat acidity in our organism in the most efficient way.

DAY 2: Cranberries, carrots, and dates

On your second day of the diet, combine a little carrot with any type of forest fruit, such as:


You can prepare a delicious juice with carrots, berries, and dates, or simply chop these ingredients into small pieces, to consume them in a simple way.

Do not forget to add the dates, which will enhance the alkalizing effect of the preparation.

DAY 3: Oats and kiwi

On your third day of the diet, prepare a delicious breakfast based on oats and kiwis, to continue with your alkaline plan. Besides being healthy, this breakfast is totally nutritious and will leave you completely satisfied.

The kiwi is even more alkalizing than lemon, thanks to its large doses of vitamin C, while oats are considered the queen of cereals, giving our organism great benefits.

DAY 4: Watercress, seaweed, and asparagus

This delicious salad will be ideal to accompany at dinner or lunch, a good piece of salmon or grilled chicken breast.

These 3 powerful foods will help us eliminate acid in our organism, in addition to providing us with compounds such as calcium, iron and asparagine, an amino acid present in asparagus that contributes in a wonderful way to the health of our nervous system.

DAY 5: Broccoli with lemon and garlic

The combination of these 3 foods, will help eliminate all types of toxins lodged in your organism, while also balancing your pH.

The combination of broccoli with lemon acids is the perfect formula to promote good digestion and eliminate unnecessary lipids and fats from the organism.

For its part, garlic contains allicin, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compound, capable of combating diseases such as fluid retention and any type of bacterial disease.

It is an extremely delicious and healthy combination!

DAY 6: Lima, lemon, parsley, and papaya

On the sixth day of your alkaline diet, you should combine these 4 foods.

These 4 foods together, can take care of surprisingly your kidneys, eliminating all types of toxins lodged in them and cleaning them completely.

Papaya is considered the most effective laxative, which will help you to completely cleanse your colon.

Parsley is the natural remedy of the kidneys.

The lime and lemon are two of the most alkalizing foods you can find.

DAY 7: Watermelon with cucumber

On the last day of your alkaline diet , you only have to combine a little watermelon with cucumber.

You can choose to prepare your own watermelon and cucumber juice, or chop these foods into small pieces, to eat during the day.

Both foods are characterized by being two of the most alkaline ingredients rich in fiber, in water, lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

As you have seen, this fabulous diet of alkaline foods does not require major complications. In addition, you do not need to consume exclusively the mentioned ingredients, as long as you maintain a 70-30 ratio between alkaline and non-alkaline foods.

Modifying our eating habits is the first step when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and keeping diseases away from our organism. If you add to this the accomplishment of some weekly physical exercise, and the abundant consumption of water every day, we will assure you that in a very short time your health will be transformed very favorably, and you will feel much better.

Start today to make your alkaline diet, and day after day you will begin to notice how your health sufferers and diseases disappear as if by magic.


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