Turmeric and Honey For Improved General Health!

Turmeric and Honey For Improved General Health!

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Many people already know all the benefits of turmeric, this is a species that has gained its popularity thanks to its great healing properties, however very few people know the benefits that can offer the combination of turmeric and honey.

This combination becomes an invaluable home remedy, which is also known as the “golden honey“, we invite you to know with us why you should consume it.

Turmeric and honey of the perfect combination

Turmeric and honey honey together is an excellent anti-inflammatory, as well as being ideal for treating bacterial infections and respiratory conditions.

This magic combination can help you destroy bacteria, while strengthening the defenses of your body, contrary to what happens when you take antibiotics that are not natural, which suppress our immune system giving way to other diseases, in addition to causing damage to our digestive system, for how strong they tend to be.

What makes this combination of turmeric and honey so special is that turmeric contains elements that act to treat endless conditions between which cancer is found and the potency of the honey of bees makes this combination really great, for which it is known as “golden honey”.

Let’s see below how we can prepare this incredible remedy, to begin to consume it and to take advantage of all its benefits:


To perform this preparation you will need the following ingredients:

-3.5 oz / 100 grams of pure honey (preferably organic)
-A spoonful of turmeric

NOTE: Turmeric should not be ingested if you have biliary disease, since turmeric produces muscle contractions in the gallbladder.

Its preparation is very simple you only need to mix the ingredients and reserve preferably in a glass jar with hermetic lid, when you prepare this and any other home remedy we recommend to use utensils of wood or plastic to mix and glass containers, that allows them to conserve the properties of the ingredients.

How should I take the turmeric mixture with honey?

To take the golden honey you must do it in the following way:

-First day: Take half a teaspoon of this mixture every hour throughout the day.
-Second day: take half a teaspoon every two hours.
-Third day: Take half a teaspoon three times a day.

Keep in mind that you should keep the mixture in the mouth until it dissolves completely.

This remedy you can use it for the common cold, and on the third day you will see how the symptoms decrease and your body will start to recover, it can also help you improve the functioning of your digestive system, as it increases the activity of your intestinal flora, this combination you can also use it to treat respiratory diseases.

Although the combination of turmeric and honey is not well known, you will be surprised to know that it was widely used in traditional Indian medicine used in Ayurveda (Indian ancient natural healing system), so do not hesitate to use it, too you can consume it by adding it in your favorite tea or in a glass of cold or hot milk, as you prefer.


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