Try These Natural Fertilizers On Your Plants To Make Them Green and Leafy

Try These Natural Fertilizers On Your Plants To Make Them Green and Leafy

When we have plants, our greatest desire is to see them grow quickly, especially if they have flowers! For this, there are several methods and one of the most common is chemical fertilizer.

But as we know, these chemical fertilizers are very dangerous. Not only are they harmful to the environment, but to people, animals, and even our own plants.

This forced growth of the plant is not natural, and consequently; the results are not either. That is why we must look for natural and ecological methods to grow our plants without putting ourselves in danger.

Do not worry, there are solutions of this type that do not represent any risk and that mainly, it is waste that instead of going to the trash can be used as natural fertilizers for your plants.

We will know the easiest and the most used ones that at the same time are the most effective natural fertilizers.

1) Tea and coffee: Both elements are enhanced to become excellent natural fertilizers. On the one hand, tea is composed of trace elements and fluorine; two ingredients that guarantee an effective growth and a beautiful flowering. As for coffee, it can also become a good fertilizer for the earth.

Therefore, instead of discarding your tea bags or the coffee eraser, recycle them and use them as fertilizer. It’s a great idea!

2) Cooking water: The cooking water of pasta, rice or vegetables, are well known for contributing to an excellent growth of plants given the number of minerals it contains.

It is a natural and extremely economic fertilizer. Just let the cooking water cool down and then water your plants with this liquid, just pour it on the ground.

3) Egg shells: Another wonderful idea to recycle your waste. The egg shells are mainly made up of calcium, which is transformed into a natural fertilizer that has been appreciated for a long time.

Wash eggshells well both outside and inside and let them dry in the sun for a while. Then, crush them into a fine powder and mix them with the soil of your plants. It is an excellent natural fertilizer!

Slightly larger pieces scattered on the ground near your plants serve as a repellent for snails and slugs.

4) Ashes: If you have a fireplace and after using it you have to dedicate yourself to the cumbersome task of cleaning the ashes, you already have a use to give them. In fact, wood ashes contain a lot of phosphorus and potash (potassium carbonate), an excellent natural fertilizer.

Wood ashes can also serve as a repellent for snails, slugs and beetles and just a little scattered in a pond neutralizes the growth of algae.

5) Yeast and sugar: Another excellent ecological fertilizer needs a manufacturing process that will only demand a few minutes and for which you will need the following ingredients:

– 10 g of pressed fresh yeast.

– 1 spoon of sugar.

– 1 liter of warm water.


– It disintegrates the yeast very well with your fingers and places it inside a bottle with the water. Shake well.

– Add the sugar. Shake again until everything is completely integrated.

– Let stand for two hours.

Mode of use:

– When watering your plants, add a glass of this preparation to the water once a week.

Excellent natural fertilizer options to see your plants and flowers grow healthy and strong and at the same time keep away their natural enemies.

Recommend your own ecological fertilizers and do not forget to share these ones that we just met.


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