The Oil That Has The Potential To Fight Migraines, Depression, Anxiety

The Oil That Has The Potential To Fight Migraines, Depression, Anxiety

The oil incense medicinal was known as the King of Oils and really deserves this title. Incense has a long history of being used as an appreciated and precious essential oil.

This oil is extracted from the gum or resin of Olibanum trees, whose scientific name is Boswellia carteri. The milky white sap will quickly harden to a resin and then be scraped off the tree in the form of pear-like droplets. The color and quality of this resin vary greatly, from the highest quality (light and silver) to the lowest (a yellow-brown tone).

A little history of medicinal incense oil

Its main components are Alpha Pinene,  Bornyl Acetate, Linalool, Octyl Acetate, Incensole Acetate and Incense. The oil medicinal incense has been a popular ingredient in cosmetics and censer for centuries. Historically it was used by the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Egyptians in religious ceremonies, and as a resin for balms and ointments.

And, of course, it is important to remember that the three wise men brought incense to the baby Jesus as an offering. For this reason, it is closely related to religious traditions and rites, particularly in the Christian tradition.

How is this substance produced?

Nowadays, the essential oil is acquired by distilling the resin vapor. Its use is widely distributed due to its great therapeutic value.

Very recently, research conducted by the University of Leicester, revived the theory that the wise men did not bring wealth to Jesus. Those gifts for the time were considered medicine. Therefore, they demonstrated the potential of incense to treat ovarian cancer.

Using the compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid), research funded by the Government of Oman for the first time demonstrated the anticancer capacity of medicinal incense oil. His study subjects were patients with late-stage ovarian cancer. The principal investigator, Kamla Al-Salmani explained:

“After a year of in vitro study, we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of killing cancer cells. Incense is taken by many people, with no known side effects. This finding has the potential to be taken to a clinical trial in the future and become an additional treatment for ovarian cancer. ”

However, its medicinal properties are not limited to cancer, the following incense uses are based on the experiences of many users:

Help with cuts, scrapes, and burns

For an even greater benefit, apply the Lavender essential oil first and then apply a layer of Incense on top. The combination of these two oils together is incredible when it comes to helping with wounds.

Neurological support

Incense is probably the best-known oil for neurological support. It helps with the function of the central nervous system in particular. Whether helping with the clarity of thought or balancing emotions, incense has many benefits to offer.

Reduce and fade scars

Simply combine 2-3 drops of medicinal incense oil with coconut oil and apply directly to your skin.

Promotes a strong immune system

Massage a few drops on the tips of your feet daily to boost your immune system. You can also spread it throughout your home or in your room at night.

Reduces stress and feelings of anxiety

Incense promotes relaxation and a sense of calm. You can simply rub a few drops mixed in a carrier oil on the back of the neck when you feel stressed.

Hormones and memory

Incense can help balance hormones and improve memory.

Aging of the skin

To do this, mix a few drops of incense with unscented oil (such as coconut) and apply it to your skin. You can also add a drop of incense to your daily moisturizer.

Stress and headaches

Incense can be used to relieve conditions where there are pain and tension.


Place six drops in a container filled with hot water and then lean with a towel over your head to contain the steam. Breathe the vapors for at least five minutes and add more hot water as needed. Be careful not to burn yourself; the water must be hot, not boiling.

Relieves itching

A single drop applied to the affected area will provide immediate relief.

Relieves pain and swelling of joints

Mix with a support and rub it on the sore joints at night before bedtime and during the day.

Important friend to help relaxation

Add 5 or 6 drops to a diffuser and breathe in the oil to open the senses and create a soothing atmosphere. To raise your mood a few drops, like a perfume, work well.

Eliminates moles and warts

Apply a single drop 3 or 4 times a day until it disappears.

Improve vision

Put 1-2 drops of Incense in your hand. Then rub your index finger in the oil and rub it in each one of your feelings. You can provide more clarity to your vision and put everything in a greater focus.

Eliminate moisture odors

Place a couple of drops in a small dish of water and the room will acquire a much fresher smell.

Oral health

It is useful as a preventive measure against oral health problems such as bad breath, toothache, tooth decay, canker sores and other infections. Try mixing it with baking soda and coconut oil to make your own toothpaste.

Promote the dream

Spread incense at bedtime to help reduce the speed of your breathing and relieve nervous tension and anxiety. You will sleep like a baby!

Improve the effectiveness of other essential oils

Add incense over other essential oils to improve the properties of that oil and so take them deeper into the cells.

Another benefit for your skin is the hydration that you will get after applying only a few drops of this wonderful oil. Feel safe and relaxed with the properties of medicinal incense oil.


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