This Makes Anyone Jump, Hardens The Bones and Joints, Ending The Pain

This Makes Anyone Jump, Hardens The Bones and Joints, Ending The Pain

The human being can fight against many things in life, but can not fight against the passage of time. As the year’s pass, we realize that our body is performing less.

Among the areas that suffer the most, we can highlight the joints and bones. Over the years, it is normal that we feel that we produce a strong pain that leaves us immobile. The good thing is that there are different natural remedies that we can use to attack this evil.

Today we want to talk about one of those remedies that will be very useful. With it you can strengthen your bones and joints so that they do not return to pain. That way you’ll feel like you’re going back to youth, free of inflammation and pain.

The remedy that we present below has ingredients rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It is prepared with certain seeds, combined with honey, raisins and gelatin. That way, you can strengthen your bones and reduce inflammation in the joints. Among the benefits we will receive with this remedy are the following:

– Calcium and magnesium: both minerals are essential when it comes to improving bone health. They are even more important when there is wear in the joints.

– Potassium: the contributions of calcium help us to level the sodium of the body, which avoids the retention of liquids.

– Omega 3: its contributions in omega 3 fatty acids helps us reduce inflammation of tissues and circulatory problems.

– Proteins: their proteins of high biological value, as well as their vitamins and antioxidants, contribute to the production of collagen to protect the joints.

– Provides energy: the treatment itself will give us more energy if we maintain its regular and orderly intake.

What we will need:

– Honey (1 cup).

– Raisins (3 tablespoons).

– Flax seeds (5 tablespoons).

– Gelatin without flavor (2 tablespoons).

– Sesame seeds (2 tablespoons).

– Pumpkin seeds (2 tablespoons).

Preparation and use:

To begin, we will place all the ingredients in a blender. Then, we will turn it on at maximum speed for 2 or 3 minutes. We must have a homogeneous substance without lumps. Finally, we will pour the mixture into a container with a lid and store it in the refrigerator.

From this powerful drink we should drink 3 glasses: one on an empty stomach, before lunch and before dinner. We will repeat this process every day until we achieve the desired effects. If we wish, we can dilute this remedy in half a cup of warm water to facilitate its consumption. With that, we will reduce pain in the bones and joints.

Other recommendations

If you want this remedy to have more rapid effects on your bones and joints, there are certain things you can do. Next, we list some of them.

– Reduce your consumption of soft drinks, junk food, sodium and sugar.

– Increase your consumption of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and cereals.

– Eat vegetable milks rich in calcium and magnesium, to strengthen bones and joints.

– To combat fluid retention, consume a lot of water and diuretic drinks.

– Supplement your diet with a plan of physical activities. This must be adjusted to your needs and physical abilities.

That pain in the bones and joints is no longer your problem. Put into practice the advice that we leave here and you will notice a great improvement in your bone health. Thus, you will feel young and strong again and you will be able to enjoy life.


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