My Grandmother Had Been Lying in a Wheelchair For More Than a Year Because of The Strong Pain in Her Bones and Joints. She Managed to Walk again Thanks to this Natural Treatment

My Grandmother Had Been Lying in a Wheelchair For More Than a Year Because of The Strong Pain in Her Bones and Joints. She Managed to Walk again Thanks to this Natural Treatment

If you have ever had some pain in your bones or joints, then you know how annoying it is, so much so that it ends up preventing you from leading a normal life. Although these pains can be related to age, it can also happen to anyone, since it manifests itself by multiple causes.

Bone pain, tenderness or muscle aches are a common problem, especially among those who are middle-aged or older. When you’re young, bone health is something that you rarely have to worry about. But, as the years go by, it gradually becomes one of the main causes of concern.

As you get older, the body undergoes many changes, muscle size and bone density generally decrease as you become less active, making you more prone to injuries and bone fractures from overuse. Here we offer an incredible popular recipe that will do wonders for your bone health, especially when it is done regularly.

Some specialists claim that bone pain does not exist, that what hurts are the joints. But others say that it is this symptom that cancer of the bones, fractures, and cracks can be seen. In the end, this bone pain is a great annoyance and a symptom that must be taken very seriously, since a pain of bones or joints when they are not caused by arthritis, both rest and exercise are essential. In these cases, the use of warm baths, massage and stretching more often is necessary.

Home Remedy to Heal Bones and Joints

Bone pain can be confused with joint pain, one of the main causes of this discomfort is osteoarthritis. This is a pain that is generated by the progressive wear of the cartilage of the joint, which causes the bones to rub against each other. In addition to this, any joint can be harmed such as shoulders, hands, knees, hips, waist, neck, among others. Although, back pain, especially in the lower back, can be due to bad posture, when lifting certain heavy objects or due to nervous tension. It can also be a herniated disc, which is located in the lower back, causing pain in the legs.

What you need: 300ml of alcohol (70%), 100ml of iodine, 10 pills of aspirin of 300 mg

All ingredients are easily accessible and can be purchased at a local pharmacy. Iodine has strong antiseptic properties and is very beneficial against a wide variety of pathogenic life forms, including microscopic organisms, protozoa, infections, fungi or bacteria.

Preparation: First crush the aspirin until it turns into a powder. Then, mix this powder with alcohol and iodine. Now, let this mixture stand in a dark place for 21 days. Apply a good amount on the area that you want to cure your bones and joints, making gentle massage until the remedy has been completely absorbed. Even, depending on where the pain is, a compress can be made.

Recommendations to follow: Check your weight, if you are overweight it is an auxiliary load on the bones and joints. Physical activity, gymnastics, stretching, and swimming is the best exercises to heal bones and joints. Calcium consumption increases, it is important to regularly eat foods such as whole grain flours, sesame seeds, chia seeds, among others. Caution when loading a heavy object, since you must distribute your weight well. Do not stop trying this effective remedy to alleviate and cure bone and joint pains and share it with someone else who may need it.


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