Curative Drink to Lose weight, Remove Anemia, Regulate Cholesterol, Uric Acid and Much more!

Curative Drink to Lose weight, Remove Anemia, Regulate Cholesterol, Uric Acid and Much more!

The juice of beet, carrot, and apple is considered one of the most healing juices for anemia that exist. It is easy, fast, is available to most people and can be made with other natural juices.

The nutrients contained in this healing beverage give our organs vitamins, beta-carotene, antioxidants and, in general, vital elements that guarantee our optimal functioning.

Healing Drink; Benefits of beet, carrot and apple juice

This healing beverage brings countless benefits to your body thanks to its vitamins and nutrients.

Next its benefits, the necessary ingredients to prepare it and how and when to take it.

Juice Nutrients:

From apples, we can obtain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, manganese, folic acid, niacin, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium.

Carrots provide vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E and K, folic acid, niacin and pantothenic acid and minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium and high concentration of beta-carotene.

The beet provides nutrients, vitamins and a high concentration of antioxidants.

Goodbye to Anemia:

If you suffer from anemia, with this healing drink improve your defenses, helping to increase the production of red blood cells; Vitamin C and anti-oxidants improve the absorption of iron in the blood.

Against the lung cancer:

Modern studies showed benefits of this drink in patients with lung cancer, who consumed this juice daily for 3 months showed improvement.

Help Control Overweight:

It is the perfect ally for those who want to lose weight since it gives the maximum energy to the body with a minimum caloric intake.

Control Cholesterol and Strengthen the Heart:

This juice is one of the best friends of the health of the heart, since it keeps at bay the bad cholesterol, levels the blood pressure and prevents heart diseases.

Balances Uric Acid:

With this juice you regulate your cholesterol, liver and kidney functions, allowing the balance of uric acid.

Improve the performance of your brain:

Taking this preparation sharpens your memory and optimizes brain functioning.

Improves digestion:

With this drink helps to optimize the digestive function, preventing ulcers, regulating bowel movements and improving chronic constipation.

Helps Relieve Menstrual and Muscle Aches:

This drink provides relief to women who suffer from intense menstrual pain, avoiding muscle cramps.

What You Need to Prepare the Crop Beet, Carrot and Apple Juice

-2 carrots
-2 cooked beets
-1 green apple
-1/2 glass of drinking water
-The juice of half a lemon


1. Wash the fruits you need well.
2. Beet: Peel and cut into small pieces.
3. Apple: Cut it into pieces, eliminating only the seeds.
4. Carrots: remove the skin and cut them into pieces
5. Then place everything in a food processor, add the water and mix until you get a homogeneous composition (not thick). Add the lemon juice.
6. Serve it very cold and enjoy its flavor.

When to Drink the Beet, Carrot and Apple Healing Beverage

The best result of this juice you get when you take it first thing in the morning. You can take it again in the afternoon (maximum 5 pm). For any of the cases wait an hour to eat.


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