10 Natural Rituals To Clean Your Home of Negative Energy

10 Natural Rituals To Clean Your Home of Negative Energy

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People who enter our home have their own inner world and we do not know for sure what personal situations they are living or what their intentions are.

Houses of negative energy, sometimes it is necessary and we must even think about the former residents of that dwelling or those who live nearby who emit bad vibrations to the point that they are able to reach our homes.

The explanation is that everything we feel emits energy and this energy loads the objects or places where we are. Do not forget either that negative feelings generate more intense energy than others and this results in feelings of discomfort.

What possibilities do we have when we are faced with this type of situation? Simply purify the place or the entire house to return a place free of bad energies.

If you feel that your house is full of negativity, feelings of discomfort or you feel distressed in some special place, you can resort to different cleaning rituals that never come badly to ward off these negative energies that permeate the environments.

Choose some of these ancestral rituals to free yourself from everything harmful that may be threatening the tranquility and well-being in your home.

First, the basis of all cleaning begins with a good cleaning of the floors and objects in the room, especially if lately you had to live difficult and distressing situations.

In the rituals that consist in burning sticks and herbs, you must bear in mind that it is essential to have open doors and windows so that the smoke can take the bad energies out of the house.

At the same time, it is important to be attentive and not neglect something that is burning.

1) Burn Cedar:

Cedar is a wood that is used in purification rituals of many cultures and we can also take advantage of this ancestral practice.

Burning cedar is an excellent means of releasing bad energies. In case you have objects or clothes with an important emotional charge, or you acquire or give you old objects, you can release the smoke from the cedar near them to release the bad energies of their former owners.

2) Burn Holy Leaf:

This heart-shaped herb is also called “Holy Grass” or acuyo. It is traditionally burned to help heal broken hearts.

Another interesting herb to include in the rituals of the liberation of negative sensations because it elevates self-esteem and self-esteem.

3) Burn Rosemary:

Rosemary is also part of the herbs that drive away bad vibes and has been used for centuries.

The tradition indicates that a woman should burn it on Fridays and while you have it, all the doors and windows must be closed in order to open everything and release the bad.

It is also burned to generate “a new beginning” in life, attract love and open up to creativity.

An ancient gypsy tradition says that when we do not find an answer to a dilemma, we must burn a rosemary sprig in the coals at night, smell the perfume and then go to sleep.

The answer will come in the form of a dream.

4) Burning Palo Santo:

This wood comes from the tree that receives the same name and that grows in the jungles of Ecuador and Peru.

The aroma of Palo Santo is simply wonderful and intoxicating. You could say that the only aroma is a spell in itself.

The tree of Palo Santo must never be cut because its powers lie only in woods that have been dead for a long time and only the remains that are scattered on the ground are collected.

Also, part of the benefits it provides come from all the good that it absorbed in the forest.

It is used to clean the negative waves and attract love and prosperity.

Fortunately, it burns very slowly so that we can enjoy its delicious and stimulating aroma.

5) Burn incense:

Many religions use incense as a method of purification.

Incense has the peculiarity of attracting the angels and ward off the demons, at the same time that breaks with curses and away the bad waves that are haunting your home or your family.

Helps to heal, stimulates the sixth sense and provides security.

Induces calm and clarity of mind.

6) Himalayan salt lamp:

Obviously, these lamps do not burn, but we can use them to release negative ions and generate a calm environment where prosperity reigns.

It is ideal for places where you can not burn herbs and at the same time give a decorative touch because they emit a magnificent shine.

7) Burn Mirra:

Throughout history, the burning of myrrh has been used in purification rituals.

This resin is obtained from the bark of different species of trees native to Egypt and is used in rituals of clairvoyance.

It is usually burned together with incense and is an excellent room purifier.

Protects from evil spirits, cleanses, heals and provides positive energy.

Myrrh is used to calm the mind and align the body’s energy centers so it is also considered beneficial for health.

8) Burn Artemis:

Sagebrush is considered a magical plant and is said to open “the third eye”, a Hindu concept that refers to everything that is seen inside a person and that has to do with their inner being.

Sagebrush promotes dreams and has healing properties.

In ancient times, the “doctors” or people who claimed to have the power to heal, were distinguished because they carried a branch of mugwort.

9) Burn Salvia:

The purification through the burning of sage was very used by the original peoples of North America. It was used to purify people, places, and even events.

It has a good reputation in relation to promoting wisdom, protecting and healing.

10) Burn Lavender:

What a wonderful aroma! Lavender has properties that promote clairvoyance, helps premonitory dreams and astral projections. It has a protective, relaxing and purifying effect, whether in a place or on a person.

Inside the houses, burning lavender brings peace and serenity.

The practice of purification goes back to prehistoric times and even today this ritual is still destined to ward off evil and attract the good.

But the latest research clarified a bit more this panorama because they discovered that the combustion of certain compounds found in vegetables, effectively eliminate harmful bacteria.


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