The Best Tips To Lose Weight After 50

The Best Tips To Lose Weight After 50

A lot of people think that losing weight has been something of an old age, it happens that while we are young we are easier to be active and in better health conditions.

However, over the years, the body usually demands much more attention so that reaching 50, the nutritional needs have changed.

The changes that have been experienced over the years simply will not go unnoticed; However, at 50 it is still possible to lose weight and extra fat accumulated between the legs, buttocks, and belly, although we can not expect to return to the figure of 20.

It is valid to say that our current life has made it difficult for us to maintain the ideal figure over the years, things like stress hurried to eat, not eating well and exercising are some of the most common bad habits. Finding time to take care of the figure is not easy, but we assure you that it is not impossible.

You still have time to reduce the extra kilos, do not stop following these best tips. Start today modifying your lifestyle with good nutrition and proper exercises. Take into account the following:

You need fewer calories: over time, the body decreases the production of hormones, so it ends up accumulating fats more easily. Similarly, calories burn much slower so it is good to keep track.

It is recommended not to exceed 1700 calories per day, in addition to remaining sedentary significantly reduces that calorie burn.

The most suitable diets are those that help you lose weight little by little, if you reduce weight very quickly you will produce a rebound effect and you will lose your progress and you will feel tired.

Higher protein: the best way to not have a flaccid body is to supplement it with proteins and strengthen muscles.

For this you must avoid the consumption of sugars and take advantage of fish, lean meats; vegetables give you more vitamin and minerals while starches accelerate metabolism.

When you eat you should take the necessary time and not do it very fast, also you should never skip any food.

Dairy: the daily consumption of 1200mg of calcium is recommended in order to strengthen the bones. It is important to maintain the consumption of natural yogurt, skim milk and similar products that provide this mineral.

Practice a sport: you can make walks or move in some way, you just need to forget about being long hours lying on the couch. Half an hour of daily walking will allow you to reduce one kilo every 2 weeks.

Do not seek to be perfect: you do not need to deprive yourself of the things you like, nor should you have routines that punish your mealtime. The best way to lose weight fast is to eat with pleasure.

Avoid comparing yourself: you need to accept that age is something natural, and your body is not young, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You have other attributes that can help you feel better, strengthen them.

To start burning 200 calories: start today with some of these exercises and you will have taken a big step.

-20 minutes or more of walking.
-15 minutes of jogging.
-One hour of gardening
-Half an hour bicycle
-Half an hour of swimming.

These are just a few exercises and considerations, do not hesitate to follow these tips, and improve your quality of life as of today.


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